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Coach Leticia came from Brazil and she brought with her all the rhythm, flavor and positive energy from her country of origin. Focused and thirsty for knowledge, she moved to the United States to study and learn from the best fitness minds in the World.

As a good “Carioca” (born in Rio de Janeiro) her lively and fun ways are contagious while taking her class or training with her. She may seem to be shy and fragile, but don’t fall for it, our coach Leticia is condensed dynamite. She takes her work seriously and is very determined in her goals, she is all about helping others achieve their fitness goals. She is a sports lover and regularly practices surfing, skateboarding, dancing, footvolley, Muay Thai and Strength and conditioning training.

Having such a disciplined approach and unwillingness to settle for a singular activity, she fell in love with CykleJab methodology and made “The Ultimate 50 Minute” studio her second home.
Her GLASS (Glutes Legs Abs Sculpt Sweat) class has quickly become a crowd favorite. Watch “Leti” do her thing, it is quite a show.

Training Modalities:

Functional training, Strength training, boxing, indoor cycling, Cross Dance, Aqua Barre, Capoeira and EMS Coach.