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Gloria is the proud mom of a boy; Thiago. She moves through life with an unwavering faith.Gloria has a Licence in Physical Education, and Sports and Recreation. “Former professional swimmer, always a swimmer they say” Gloria likes to say. She participated in one Olympic cycle with the Venezuela national swim team. “I always thought that my gift from God was my talent for moving in the water, but lately, I have discovered that discipline has always been my best attribute.”

Preferred Training: Booty expert in the house! “People say that I am good at training legs and booty,” said Gloria with a big bright smile while flaunting her flawless legs. But she has a lot more to offer, she is excellent at running functional training, cycling, boxing classes and of course swimming is her expertise.

Gloria describes herself as being addicted to exercise and good food (including desserts)”I started swimming at the age of 3, and almost 30 years later, I’ve never stopped playing sports, it’s my lifestyle and my make up. Training brings me joy and I simply love coaching, teaching and sharing that happiness until the last sweatdrop. I work at a school as a physical education teacher. “I believe that sport is the best tool to teach children life values such as sharing, patience, perseverance and most import of all brotherhood while keeping them active and healthy. ”




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Boxing And Weight Training