Q & A

So you would like to know more about V3P, the concept, the workouts, and other training options? Of course, you do!

Here are the most frequently asked questions about V3P. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.


V3P is a fitness studio and home of the Ultimate 50 Minute Workout combining “cycling” + boxing + body sculpting. 2)V3P has fused the three most effective fitness training approaches into a 50-minute workout. 3)V3P is guaranteed to provide you the most bang-for-your-buck workout. 4)V3P also offers guided meditation, personal training, small group strength training and cutting edge nutritional products.

V3P is absolutely fit for beginners, our trainers are experts in their craft and know how to level down or raise up the intensity and difficulty of exercises depending upon the individual.

This is not a competition,  if you need to take a break, go slower or even move with less intensity, it is perfectly fine. Everybody is encouraged to move at their own pace. We highly recommend that you wear one of our heart rate monitors so our certified trainers can track your intensity.

Yes, of course, however, if you do not have gloves we sell V3P premium leather gloves in various colors for $79 or can provide rentals for $5.  Our hand and gel wraps range from $10-$20.

Unfortunately no, our system reads only HR pods that have been programmed to communicate with the V3P,s software. We sell the HR monitor at the front desk.

Weight lifting is not recommended for kids under 13. Furthermore, it is not so much the age but rather the size that matters. The child will need to fit the bike and be able to reach a punching bag. We do have a parent + kid class on Sundays where fitness games, races, and boxing drills bring out laughter and bonding between the parent and child. 

Yes, we offer a strength and conditioning class for the iron pumping aficionados. Get ready to lift, push and pull.

– We’ve got you! We offer a Bike & Sculpt class and a Box & Sculpt class. Look for these special classes in the schedule.

Yes, we do, simply contact us info@cyklejab.com or ask to be contacted by the owners.  Our facility is also available for rent for certain occasions, certifications and private workouts.

Please ALWAYS bring a towel and keep your shirts and shoes on at all times. This is a group class so please be mindful of strong cologne and body odors.


After a quick and simple registration into our system, a trainer will show you how to operate the swinging bike, demonstrate the 6 punches of our boxing and go over the class.

The Ultimate 50 Minute class is divided in 15 minutes per modality (bike, boxing and build & sculpt) and 5 minutes of trainer’s discretion for warm-up and cool down.

For the Build & Sculpt section, the program of the day will be displayed on the large TV screen. 

For the boxing and cykling, our trainers will always keep it fresh with different combos and movements.

Expect a party atmosphere, uptempo music, high energy trainers and witness in real-time your calories melting away on our jumbo screen monitor.

WARNING!!! V3P is highly addictive and body transformation results will come fast

You will lose body fat, we can guarantee you that. Men burn between 800 and 1000 calories per class and women burn between 500 and 650 calories per class. We have seen people lose more than 40lbs in 6 months of consistent workouts and we have countless positive body transformation stories.

You will get lean and mean as body fat disappears. Say goodbye to cellulite, love handles, and blobby belly. Get ready to invest in a new wardrobe.

We can summarize why cross-training will benefit anyone with 3 points:

  • Reduces your risk of injury related to overuse and overtraining. 
  • Increases your level of fitness in all areas of strength and conditioning.
  • Eliminates boredom and maintains motivation and enthusiasm.

Yes, it is a single user per modality. You will get your own bike, punching bag, bench and free weights.

Every class is suitable for either beginner or expert level. The trainer will increase or reduce the intensity and difficulty of exercises depending on each individual. V3P trainers are truly great at conducting classes.  That being said, we know some people like to get comfortable with the bike and the punches, so check our schedule for beginner classes offered 1-4 times per month.

Yes, you can reserve a spot online or on our MindBody app.  We encourage you to book your sessions this way to avoid missing out on a class.

We do not have a juice bar but we do sell drinks and protein shakes.

Our specialized water system will require you to bring your own water bottle to fill it in with our specialized alkaline water, it tastes amazing. We also sell bottled water and V3P water bottles, meant to be filled!


Yes you can and you will, the trainer will make sure to give you simple instructions and take the time to correct any beginners’s punching technique.

No, you will not fight or spar anyone. The water bag is the only foe you will be facing.  Feel free to imagine that you are punching whoever or whatever you want when you hit the bag (think about that bad boss or miserable ex)

No, V3P’s philosophy is multi-sport, cross-training and muscle confusion in every class. We do offer a Box & Sculpt class with a longer boxing portion.

Boxing is known to be the most complete sport. The list is endless but here a few benefits that boxing training will bring increase and improve

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Speed
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Power
  • Stress relief

The boxing part of the class is focused on the upper body, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and explosive response.

CYKLING (with a “K”, it’s our thing!)

The cykling part of the class is focused on the lower body, core activation, and cardio training. V3P’s bike forces you to engage the core muscles just like a real bike does. As you switch hand and body positions on the moving bike, while riding to the beat of up-tempo music, your legs and abs won’t know what hit them. 

 No, it is not difficult at all, it is actually a lot of fun! It takes about 2 to 3 tries to master the bike. Most people will have the reflex to tense up the first they first sit on the moving bike. Once you realize that you will not fall off the bike and that the swinging motion is a tool to get that coveted 6 pack, then you have a blast with the bike.

No, CykleJab’s philosophy is cross-training and muscle confusion in every class. We do offer a Bike & Sculpt class with a longer cycling portion.

If you are clear to participate in physical activities, by your doctor, then the answer is yes. Make sure to let the trainer know about your bad knee (or any injury for that matter), so he or she will modify exercises for you. But only you will be able to feel the difference between your usual discomfort due to your injury and acute pain because of an overload on the knee joint. In layman’s term “if it hurts don’t do it” the trainer will have you do something you can handle


The build & sculpt part of the class is focused on functional training using free weights, resistance bands and body movements.

Contrary to popular belief, weight training is not only useful to build muscles but it also contributes greatly to:

  • Increase bone density
  • Increase strength
  • Improve daily physical activities
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increase cardio…Yes, cardio as well!

Getting big means following a muscle gain training regimen paired with high protein and increased calorie diet. Taking the Ultimate 50 class will get you lean but you will not gain considerable size. 

We strongly recommend that you see your physician if you are suffering from pain that impedes your mobility before you partake in any physical activities. Your physician shall clear you or not to workout and party with us at Cyklejab. Do not take chances and listen to your body when it rings the alarm by making you feel the pain, make sure that nothing serious is lurking and consult your physician.


Meditation is the most efficient way to rest the overactive mind and take control of stress generating emotions. Without getting into mysticism, meditation is also the only way to work on the inner self and tackle the ever-active ego.

It depends on who is leading the class, for there are many meditation techniques. Feel free to contact the teacher and ask him/her specific questions on techniques.

it ranges from 30 minutes to 1hour.


Yes, you will need to be entered into our database. It is a 2 minute process.

We offer both, please visit our website and click on the BUY tab to see all of the available options.

Yes, we do, our unlimited all-access membership covers all group classes, except for parent + kid and meditation classes. 


Please arrive 15 minutes before class if it is your first time. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before class to allow for a smooth set-up.

If class is not fully booked then just jump in. Please do not expect the trainer to repeat the workout of the day, just observe and catch up with the class. 

Yes, we do, our unlimited all-access membership covers all group classes, except for parent + kid and meditation classes. 


Please ALWAYS bring a towel. If you forget your towel you can purchase one at the front desk for $4. Hygiene is a top priority at CykleJab and there will be no exception to this rule. Thank you for understanding


Do not leave the studio if you feel dizzy. Make sure to notify the trainer or front desk if you do. Besides this crucial safety measure, we greatly appreciate social media tags and referrals …so go crazy with your camera please!