Boot Camp & Cardio Boxing


V3Perform’s Boot Camp and Boxing Cardio Courses are fierce 50-minute workouts in Miami fueled with high-octane energy and truly committed trainers that know how to get calories burning.  

Participants can expect a motivated, festive atmosphere bursting with a potent symbiosis of invigorating training and energetic music that melts away excess weight as hearts start pumping. 

With fitness modalities of cardio/boxing, cycling, bodyweight, and sculpting designed to burn calories and get shredded, V3 Perform helps you say goodbye to the cellulite and chub, getting your body beach-ready with these intense Miami cardio classes.  

Classes feature a combination of:

  • Comprehensive Warm-Up
  • Intermittent Speed Cycling
  • Boxing Routines 
  • Treadmill Training
  • Rowing Sessions
  • Simulated Skiing
  • Total Resistance Exercise (TRX)
  • Core Cool Down

The most efficient and rapid way to burn body fat is to increase lean muscle mass. Under the watchful eye of V3P expert strength conditioning coaches, participants will body build, increase powerlifting/speed, and watch their bodies transform.

V3Perform’s trainers know that the key to personal fitness is understanding everyone has a unique physiology. 

Let us bring you to your physical performance peak.